2015 News

December 2015

  • A well attended executive committee meeting was held in Glasgow on 2 December; the agenda can be viewed here. A key decision of the meeting was to arrange a Clyde sub-group meeting for 17 December to discuss the Clyde Regulating Order application currently subject of a preliminary assessment by Marine Scotland. The next executive committee meeting is scheduled for 2 March 2016.


  • The Clyde sub-group met in Glasgow on 17 December for the purpose of debating the Clyde Regulating Order Application.

 November 2015

Mull sub-group meeting

A very productive Mull & Argyll Sub-group meeting took place on the evening of 17 November at Craignure. A number of actions were identified with a view to developing management measures and these will be reported to the forthcoming SWIFG Executive Committee meeting on 2 December in Glasgow.

Forthcoming meetings

- A Mull Subgroup Meeting will be held at Craignure on the evening of 17 November.

- The next SWIFG Executive Committee Meeting will take place in Glasgow on 2 December.

Solway Code of Conduct 2015-16

Following a meeting in Kirkcudbright on 13 October, the Solway Code of Conduct 2015-16 has been agreed.

Solway Firth Partnership (SFP) has facilitated the agreement process for the Code, including the 2015-16 version, since 2008. However, for the first time this latest agreement has been completed under the auspices of the SWIFG Solway Sub-Group, for which SFP currently acts as Secretariat.

The Code of Conduct between local scallop and static gear fishermen has generally been well supported and enables maximum access to fishing grounds for both mobile and static gear fishermen. It is intentionally straightforward, with the focus on good communication and incidences of conflict have been minimised.  However, there is no room for complacency and every effort is made to raise the profile of the Code at the start of the Irish Sea scallop fishing season.

A copy of the Code can be viewed here.

 October 2015

The South West IFG has responded to the SSE Consultation on the Future of Scotland's Submarine Cables which ended on 13 October. The written response can be seen here.

 September 2015

Solway sub-group meeting

A Solway sub-group meeting took place on the evening of 21 September at Cree Bridge, Newton Stewart. With Peter Duncan in attendance, the opportunity was taken to review progress with the lobster v-notch and creel escape panel projects. Debate also focused on how fishermen might ensure sustainability of the Solway fishery and to this end the subgroup opted to develop a local management plan.

Autumn Ex-Com Meeting

A well attended Executive Committee meeting took place in Glasgow on 2 September 2015. Members considered the outcomes of the IFG Stocktake and proposals to address issues raised by the review. Updates on sub-groups, a discussion on a potential stock enhancement project (Clyde) and a review of the Inshore Fisheries Strategy were some of the other issues that featured. The agenda can be viewed here. The Committee noted the SWIFG responses made to the Scottish Government on consultations on proposed MPA/SAC draft orders for South Arran and Loch Sunart to the Sound of Jura, respectively as well as developments in relation to Luce Bay and Sands SAC. Copies of communications are as follows: 

1. Loch Sunart to the Sound of Jura

2. Fishermen's Proposals

3. South Arran

4. Luce Bay and Sands

A meeting of the Solway subgroup will take place on the evening of 21 September 2015 in Newton Stewart. Meetings of the Clyde and Mull/Argyll subgroups will be arranged later in the Autumn.

The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for 2 December 2015 in Glasgow.

 June 2015

Summer Ex-Com meeting

A meeting of the SWIFG executive committee took place in Glasgow on 3 June 2015. Members received updates on the activities of the Clyde, Mull/Argyll and Solway sub-groups, respectively. Other issues discussed included razor fishing and the proposed Clyde Regulating Order. The agenda can be viewed here. The Committee also received feedback on written communications issued as a consequence of the March 2015 executive committee meeting as per the minute. Copies of the communications are as follows: 

1. Razor Clam Fishery

2. Clyde Herring Delegated TAC 2015

3. Consultation on Hobby/Unlicensed Fishermen in Scottish Waters

March 2015

Clyde sub-group meeting

A very positive first meeting of the Clyde sub-group took place in Glasgow on 30th March. The meeting focused mainly on current and forthcoming developments in relation to the Clyde fishery. Members discussed strategies for ensuring that the interests and views of the fishing industry are both represented and considered in respect of the various areas debated. 

Solway sub-group meeting

Solway sub-group members took part in a well-attended meeting in Newton Stewart during the evening of 16th March. The event included a discussion on various issues of current interest and a project development workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to update members on the technical aspects of various projects being rolled out in the Solway, including data collection, v-notching of lobsters and creel escape panels. Equipment and vials were issued to participants to facilitate the collection of data and aid the storage of notch samples for DNA analysis.

First executive committee meeting of 2015

A well-attended meeting of the executive committee took place in Glasgow on 3rd March. An outcome of the meeting was the formation of a Clyde sub-group that will hold its first meeting on 30th March. The main purpose of the sub-group is to focus in more detail on issues pertinent to the Clyde catchment, such as the Clyde 2020 initiative, and to ensure that the collective views of fisheries interests are included in developments. The Clyde sub-group will complement the already up and running Mull/Argyll and Solway sub-groups respectively.

A Solway sub-group meeting/workshop will take place in Newton Stewart on the evening of 16th March.

The next SWIFG executive committee meeting will take place in Glasgow on 3rd June.

February 2015

Mull sub-group meeting takes place

A meeting of the Mull/Argyll sub-group took place at Craignure on the evening of 12th February. Discussions focused on actions that might be introduced locally to help improve the sustainability of the fishery. Various issues were debated while the practicalities and values of implementing some options are being explored further.

Scottish Government Marine Scotland 2014 Consultation on the Management of Inshore Special Areas of Conservation and Marine Protected Areas

A meeting took place in Kirkcudbright on 23rd January comprising Marine Scotland and SNH personnel together with Solway-based fishermen, their representatives and local elected officials to discuss proposed conservation and fisheries management of the Luce Bay and Sands SAC. The well-attended meeting was constructive and resulted in the production of a fishermen's proposal which can be seen here. A written response was made via the South West IFG to the Luce Bay consultation and this can be viewed here.

Mull sub-group meeting scheduled

A meeting of the above sub-group has been scheduled for the evening of 12th February at Graignure, Mull. The sub-group will meet immediately after the joint AGMs of the Mull Aquaculture and Fisheries Association (MAFA) and the Mull Fishermen's Association (MFA).

The next South West IFG Executive Committee meeting is scheduled to take place in Glasgow on 3rd March 2015.