2014 News

December 2014

Solway sub-group meeting

A workshop/meeting took place in Newton Stewart on 12 December involving members of the Solway SWIFG sub-group. Facilitated by Peter Duncan and Bryony Pearce, the event focused on v-notch and creel escape panel IFG-funded projects. Discussions also took place regarding data collection, and pieces of kit to enable details to be gathered when fishing were distributed at the workshop.


December Ex-Com meeting

The SWIFG executive committee met in Glasgow on 2 December. The event was well-attended and discussions as per the agenda were complemented by a presentation update on the SAMS Project concerning Data Support for Inshore Fisheries Management. A guest speaker, Allan Forbes, informed members of the findings of the Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Report regarding Electrofishing for Razor Clams.

Members were also informed of a forthcoming Solway sub-group meeting/workshop which will take place on 12 December in Newton Stewart. The aim of this event is to progress the IFG funded projects relating to creel escape panels and v-notching.

November 2014

Solway sub-group/EFF project workshop meeting

A well attended Solway sub-group/EFF workshop meeting was held in Newton Stewart on the evening of 19 November. Concentrating mainly on the EFF project in relation to establishing the location of fishing activities within Scottish inshore areas, the workshop was received positively by attendees.

Solway sub-group meeting in progress

Mull sub-group meeting

An IFG sub-group meeting took place at Craignure, Mull on the evening of 6 November 2014. The event was well attended by fishermen and representatives of statutory authorities. The meeting mainly focused on two separate SAC/MPA management proposals in relation to The Treshnish Isles and Loch Sunart & the Sound of Jura respectively.

September 2014

September IFG meeting

The autumn meeting of the South West IFG took place in Glasgow on 9 September 2014. A major decision of the meeting was the delegation of action planning to each of the three sub-groups, namely Clyde, Mull (Argyll) and the Solway. The sub-groups shall seek to develop fisheries management actions within their respective geographical areas. Developments identified by the sub-groups will be reported to the Executive Committee in order that management strategies and actions can evolve.  Strategies will build upon objectives within the two management plans currently covering parts of the South West IFG region with the aims of encouraging local fisheries management as well as promoting the conservation and sustainability of resources.


Summer and Autumn Developments

A number of events took place in Galloway this summer, as projects began in the Solway Firth with the aim of improving conservation and sustainability of the fishery.  V-notching of lobsters and creel escape panel trials respectively, managed by Solway Firth Partnership and supported by IFG project funding, have enabled the participation of fishermen in these two projects.  The work will include collaboration with relevant science bodies and other parties to maximise opportunities to gain information and data. Both projects are expected to run for two years and participation is voluntary.

A creel escape panel being demonstrated

Data collection trials are being rolled out in two areas of the SWIFG region, involving fishermen from the Solway Firth and Isle of Tiree as part of a bigger west coast project.  Improved data collection was identified as a main objective in IFG management plans and quality fisheries information is key to the development of actions in relation to a number of other objectives of the plans. The current trials aim to enable inshore fishermen to gather detailed information pertinent to the waters they fish to help support local management of resources. Participation in data collection is on a voluntary basis.

May 2014

May IFG meeting

A meeting of South West IFG was held in Renfrew, Glasgow on the 6 May 2014. The event was well attended. A Clyde sub-group was established which will explore developments/issues within the Clyde catchment and make recommendations.

South West IFG currently has three sub-groups covering the whole of its geographical area namely, Clyde, Mull and Solway. Sub-groups report to the Executive Committee and are seen as an integral part of the South West IFG process fulfilling the role of Advisory Groups. There is also a Clyde working group which was established for the sole purpose of discussing developments in relation to a proposed Regulating Order for the Clyde. The working group also reports to the Executive Committee. More details on Advisory Groups and working groups can be found in the IFG Remit & Terms of Reference on the IFG website's homepage.

April 2014

Solway sub-group meeting

A well-attended meeting of the Solway sub-group took place on the evening of the 17 April 2014 in Newton Stewart. Presentations from Nick Lake and Peter Duncan focused on the benefits of robust data collection. Advantages of v-notching of lobsters and creel escape panels were debated as relevant to projects about to commence in the Solway.

February 2014

IFG secretariat appointed

Fiona Mills has taken up the Secretariat role for South West IFG. Fiona is employed by the Firth of Clyde Forum, and was in attendance at the IFG meeting in Glasgow on 6 February 2014.


February IFG meetings

The South West IFG met in Glasgow on 6 February 2014, where presentations on Clyde 2020 and Data Collection took place. The meeting was very well attended.

A meeting of the Mull & Argyllshire sub-group took place in Graignure, Mull on 18 February 2014 and this too was well attended. There was a presentation on data collection, followed by discussions on local issues and how these may be addressed.

A date for a meeting of the Solway sub-group, expected to take place in April, is currently being organised.

The next meeting of the full South West IFG will take place in Glasgow on 6 May.