2013 News

November 2013

Scotland's Seas consultations response

The Scotland’s Seas consultations were discussed at the recent IFG Meeting. The written response to Marine Scotland can now be seen here.


November IFG meeting

A meeting of South West IFG took place in Glasgow on 12 November 2013 and was well attended by representatives from Argyll, the Ayrshire Coast, Mull and the Solway Firth. Archie MacFarlane and David Hodge were appointed as Vice Chairs, having been approved unanimously by members. Future meetings have been scheduled for 6 February 2014 and 8 May 2014, both in Glasgow.

Additionally, IFG subgroups have been established covering Mull and North Argyll and the Solway Firth and area, respectively. Vice Chairs were appointed for each subgroup, namely: Nick Turnbull, Mull and North Argyll and Andrew Lochhead, Solway Firth and area. An objective is to form a further subgroup to cover the Clyde Catchment.

Given the diverse geography of the South West IFG area, subgroups will consider local issues, how local objectives can be delivered as well as contributing to strategic matters or other South West issues that the full IFG will debate.