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January 2018

A meeting of the N&EC RIFG took place on 19 January 2018 at the Queens Hotel, Perth.

        -      Agenda       
  -   Minute   (Draft)
  -   Item 2   Adopt previous minutes
  -   Item 3   Andrew Brown re Brexit
  -   Item 4a   Questions for the Special Committee on Seals
  -   Item 4b   Fit-for-purpose harbours project
  -   Item 4c   Static Sector Work Group
  -   Item 4d   Trial Herring Fishery
  -   Item 4e   Spatial management position statement
  -   Item 4f   Renewables
  -   Item 5a   Simple Guide to Opening a Fishery
  -   Item 5d   Common whelk management
  -   Item 5f   Shellfish Entitlement
  -   Item 6   Fisheries Management Plan update