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The Scottish Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups (RIFGs) are non-statutory bodies that aim to improve the management of Scotland’s inshore fisheries out to six nautical miles, and to give commercial inshore fishermen a strong voice in wider marine management developments.

The Regional IFG network includes:

Key documents for the RIFGs, detailing their structure & functions, decision making process etc, are available on the right-hand side of the page.

The RIFGs commenced in April 2016, succeeding the Inshore Fisheries Groups (IFGs)  that were in place from 2013-16 with a new regional structure. More information about the previous IFG structure can be found at IFGs (2013-16).

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RIFG   Previous   Upcoming
North & East Coast  |  19/01/18   Perth  |  20/04/18   Perth
West Coast  |  25/10/17   Glasgow  |  08/05/18   Glasgow
Outer Hebrides  |  08/12/17   Stornoway  |  27/04/18   Stornoway

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